Sunday, October 01, 2006

Est-ce que n'importe qui là parle dehors français?

Dominique and Michelle

We like this spot


Altinai's song

Altinai's song

"Socialism, socialism - or death! That is my motto. What I care if genius on earth live in heaven when the crowd is wallowing in the dirt?... My heart bleeds and shudders when I view the crowd and its representatives... And that is life: to sit in the street in rags with an idiotic expression of face collecting farthings in the daytime to be spent on booze in the evening - and men see it and no one cares about it!" Vissarion Belinskii (in a letter to V.P. Botkin, from Polnoje sobranie sochinenii, XII, 1953-59)

Hands on deck

How come they have wind?

Girls and Marcello

Isn't it lunch time yet?!

Shucking clams

Good job!

Chief cook and her asst

Clam chowder, so good.